Dilla Seizes The Moments

by JB aka Dirty Moses



If you've ever wanted to hear JB!! over Dilla tracks, here's your chance. In Celebration of Dilla month, we are giving away a free EP to say thank you for your continued support.


released February 10, 2015

All songs produced by J-Dilla



all rights reserved


JB aka Dirty Moses Albany, New York

JB!! aka Dirty Moses is a veteran MC, writer, and performer hailing from Harlem, NY. A natural showman, JB!! is well known for his energy and charisma on stage, as well as his diverse arsenal of verbal weaponry. When JB!! isn’t demolishing microphones, you can catch him producing, DJing, beatboxing, or pretty much anything else related to hip-hop. ... more

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Track Name: Love (intro)
It's the one and only, for promotional uses only, JB!! over this J Dilla beat, ain't nothing sweet, Scorsese over tracks, every line is like a movie, and I'm only stating facts, none of this new music moves me, so I went back in my archives, to celebrate life and times, paint a perfect picture, young Basquiat with the rhymes, way ahead of my time, on my grind, call me black pepper, black power, in my finest hour my prime, well seasoned, rhyme reason, my season, my love, heart on my sleeve, it bleeds through my verse, sacrificial lamb, in the jungle with wolves, but I ain't got nothing to prove, so smooth, I am, god in the flesh, regardless to your causes of stress, don't get caught up in your emotions, stay focused, you're blessed, don't let jokers and naysayer, ruin hope cause they prey on the weak minded, somtimes you gotta remind em with force, but kill em with kindness, you need reassurance rewind this, superfluous rhyming, your boy Dirty Moses is timeless.
Track Name: Sexy Ways (outro)
This is baby making music, it's cuffing season, so baby let's just get get to it, what other reason than we like each others presence, we're both adults, and your gift could be my present, let me unwrap you, tap you on your back side, get your attention, I wanna turn on your mind, that's the largest sex organ, I'm more than ordinary, legendary with the rap flow, hot like tabasco, things are heating up, love making to Sade, earthquaking and bed shaking, beat it up, punch drunk in love, Beyonce, polish up, surfs up, heavy grinder on that wood grain. Hood fame? Nah baby, ghetto chic, unique, you got that hidden talent, let explore those possibilities, show you my capabilities, hold you in contemptuous, perpetuous, love stroke. This is a love jones, this is my love poem, you are my muse. Where did the love go? Def Perception on it's way ladies and gentlemen. Just stay tuned. Beat*Shot. Just Because Entertainment.